Folkadelphia Radio #281 on WXPN (4/13/2016)

Folkadelphia Radio #281 aired on WXPN on April 13th, 2016 from 22-23:00 and featured an in-studio performance by Glenn Jones, which can be heard here.

Leo Kottke – Up Tempo – Leo Kottke (Chrysalis)
Bridget St. John – Seagull-Sunday – Songs For The Gentle Man (Dandelion)
Shelagh McDonald – Richmond – Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Sanctuary)
Mike Cooper – Sitting Here Watching – Trout Steel (Paradise of Bachelors)

Fresh Maggots – Balloon Song – Hatched (Sunbeam)
Susan Christie – Paint A Lady – Paint A Lady (Finders Keepers)
Jeffrey Frederick, Unholy Modal Rounders, Michael Hurley – What Made My Hamburger Disappear – Have Moicy! (Rounder)

Glenn Jones – Folkadelphia Session (3/6/2016)
-Across The Tappan Zee (with Laura Baird)
-Portrait of Basho As A Young Dragon

Trees – Nothing Special – The Garden Of Jane Delwaney (CBS International)
Robbie Basho – The Lady She Is In Waiting – Song Of The Stallion (Takoma)

The American Dream – Frankford El – The American Dream (Ampex)
Gene Clark – In The Pines – Two Sides To Every Story (RSO)
Trader Horne – Sheena – Morning Way (Pye)