Folkadelphia Release #1: Mitch Esparza (ME) – El Desencantamiento De María Sabina

Mitch Esparza session (Laura Jane Brubaker)

Mitch Esparza session (Laura Jane Brubaker)

Mitch Esparza and Folkadelphia have produced their first-ever full-length collaboration, El Desencantamiento De María Sabina. The release is an exploration of Mitch’s formative musical experiences in Mexico.

El Desencantamiento De María Sabina presents a unique aural experience while exploring Mexican culture under the gravitational influence of the United States. The title references the influential and ultimately ostracized curandera who led scores of Westerners in search of “the magic mushroom” (including the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and John Lennon) through Mexico’s shamanistic rituals. Touching upon the minimalist and spaced-out stylistic elements of Esparza’s other projects, the unclassifiable (((taco))) and morphing psychedelic outfit the Love Club, the arrangements range from the pastoral to the cosmic, but always return to gritty realism, discussing the generations severed by emigration and deportation, and souls lost to cartel violence.

The album release date is Monday, 11/3 digitally and a forthcoming limited cassette production.

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